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– social and digital media consultants

Fx6 International works with new and existing businesses of all shapes and sizes. We drive growth using the latest web and technology solutions for our clients, helping them better manage their digital and social media activities. Our clients are our most valuable assets, and whether your are the small business on the corner, or a global major brand, our constant focus is on delivering products and services of an utmost quality.

Our consulting services help businesses cut-costs, save time and operate more efficiently, in the constant drive for better results. Fx6 International has its own offices in Oslo, London and Las Vegas, and through our preferred Partner Network we are also represented in Poland, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Our expertise and services include:


Ninety-one percent of internet-using adults use search engines to learn about things, products, and services.


Fx6 has both web and graphic design capabilities to make your brand pop. We’ve got an eye for creative visuals and keep up with the latest trends in technology.


The quality of your content will determine the future of your business. Timely, effective, and original content creation is a big part of the Fx6 story.


Social success requires community engagement and fresh content. Fx6 creates community, loyalty, and sustainable business growth.


Media buying is shifting from TV and print to online. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp advertising is the way to reach your consumers.


Our consulting service is honest and accurate. If you have an in-house marketing team, consider signing up for regular assessments to keep your business on track.


If your business isn’t getting the kind of traffic it needs to thrive, pay per click (PPC) ads may be the missing link (no pun intended). Our expertise in SEO, graphic design, and copywriting makes PPC ads effective machines.


To us, PR doesn’t mean having old contacts write a blurb about a client. We find the influencers in your industry (people and organizations that your target market is directly influenced by) and create meaningful relationships with them.


With forty percent of consumers watching web videos, media divisions have become thriving online marketing mediums. Fx6 can help you make the best impression possible.


Your brand is more than just your logo and colors. It’s about creating a culture around your business, organization, or project. We do that.


Email has the highest return on investment delivering an average $40 in revenue per every dollar spent. Our email marketing campaigns feature custom design and content that delivers results.


Branding needs to work across platforms. From the itty-bitty screen of a phone to a gigantic smart TV. Fx6 digital marketing can make your site mobile-friendly.


Mobile position marketing – the Future of Shopping. See how beacons will transform in-store shopping experiences.


Where others need to hire outside technical consultants and coders, our own in-house developers are experienced with advanced C Sharp and PHP system development.


In addition to being a Google Apps reseller we provide in-house custom developing cloud services.


Booking program, custom report functions, performance & testing tools. We can handle most technical scenarios in-house.


Our clients get their own dashboard where they can track all their digital media activities in one place. One place for all!


If you’re not satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay. That’s our commitment & your guarantee. That’s 100% Fx6 International.

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